Free consultation

Our team of professionals provides extended free advice to customers. We have an individual approach to the needs of each user. Therefore, we, as professionals in the industry, are interested to start saving dream become your reality.
All the contact with us will enjoy a range of PRIMARY consulting services, which include:

  1. Competently and qualitative information consultation. Highly qualified specialists are always ready to answer any questions. Taking into account your personal objectives and customer needs, they offer the most efficient solution.
  2. Selection of equipment for the customer. In a personal meeting we are absolutely free to help choose the best option equipment that best solve the problem, set the client.
  3. Free onsite customer. Our staff will review communications features and design of the building on the site with the aim of selecting energy-efficient systems individually to the needs of your premises.
  4. Free counting the cost to install energy-saving equipment turnkey. At this stage, will be made full valuation installing energy system that will include the design, acquisition, installation and maintenance accompanying equipment.

We appreciate those who have decided to step into a new life together with our company “feed-in-tariff”!
The basic principles of our relationship with the customer – a unique, comprehensive approach to the needs of each of you!

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