In the era of oil and gas wars, global economic crisis and the constant struggle for natural resources mercantile interest increasingly pushes into the background concern about the world. And for good reason! Global warming terrible levels of pollution of the planet, rampant high morbidity – these are just a small part of the consequences of irresponsible attitude to our planet. Looking at all of humanity pays more attention to alternative energy sources. Their use can not only help overcome the pollution, but the economic crisis. Because this energy is not only safe, clean, inexhaustible, but also profitable.

The main sources of alternative energy:

  1. Solar panels. The most common type. With solar energy and photovoltaic cells can get a significant amount of electricity.
  2. Stand-alone wind turbines. They help transform wind energy into electricity. Previously there were not very profitable, because completely dependent on the strength of the wind. But now, this problem does not arise, because you can use this setting in addition to the fixed network or cumulative use rechargeable batteries.
  3. Miniature hydroelectric. With such facilities, which use water power can provide electricity to individual buildings and even entire small settlements.
  4. Geothermal heat pumps. Use ground heat for heating, water heating and other daily needs of people.


  1. Inexhaustible resources. Unlike oil, gas, coal and other fossil fuels with alternative energy sources unrestricted stock. They can be safely used for hundreds of years without the threat of exhaustion.
  2. Safety for the environment. Hydro, solar, wind and geothermal power plants do not pollute the Earth. The end result is a completely clean energy without waste and negative environmental impact.
  3. The economic benefits. On average, one object of alternative energy payback of 3-5 years. This is several times faster than in the case of the classic ways of obtaining energy.
  4. Autonomy. Alternative power stations and other facilities in most cases do not require constant additional maintenance. This helps to significantly reduce the cost per unit of energy and save own money and effort.
  5. Long term use. On average, one object can be served up to 20 years without the need for major repairs.
  6. Cost savings for companies that use alternative energy sources. Currently, there are many government programs that simplify taxation for businesses that actively uses wind, water and sun. This will significantly reduce costs and increase profitability.
  7. Prestige. Using alternative energy is not only profitable but also fashionable. Land on which there are such objects usually are much more expensive and they can be profitable to sell.
  8. Stability. By installing solar, wind or hydroelectric power station in their area, you will be protected against changes in electricity and regular blackouts central system.
  9. The possibility of earnings. Ukraine has a state program of “green tariff” (GREEN TARIFF FOR INDIVIDUALS). With it anyone can sell the excess electricity produced by its object alternative energy state at very favorable terms. So you can not only recoup the installation of mini power plants, but also get regular and stable income.

Thus, alternative energy – a clear step forward. You can use it to overcome the shortage of resources, pollution of the planet’s food processing mineral resources, global warming and many others. If we take less globally, with the help of alternative energy can provide your home, small business or even a large enterprise with clean and cheap energy for years to come. Moreover, thanks to the state program “Green” tariff you can also get extra income!

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