Our company “ENERGY SAVING CONCEPTS” LTD and Trademark (UKRAINE) «Енергія Природи — Зелений тариф» ™ – a creative team of scientists, developers and technicians who create and implement projects of varying complexity in the field of alternative energy.

The main goal of our work: the creation of accessible equipment for the generation of alternative energy, that can afford one!

We are developing own equipment for the production of alternative energy, as well as we supply the equipment at competitive prices with the largest factory in the world.

We want to make Ukraine a pure and independent of foreign suppliers of gas, coal or other fuels.

To develop unique projects in the production of alternative energy looking for like-minded people who are acutely aware that this type of energy for our future!

Why invest in our projects?

  1. Our main goal – not enriching and creating new jobs and providing people with affordable electricity and heat.
  2. МWe use the latest equipment for making solar panels and wind turbines, because our products are determined by the high levels of efficiency and durability operation.
  3. All our designs fully meet Ukrainian changeable weather conditions, so our devices, like no other, work smoothly and provide people with electricity.
  4. We have a creative approach to the production of devices for the generation of alternative energy, so our equipment is the newest, most modern and highest quality in order than the competition.
  5. We have an individual approach to each investor. We provide a 100% guarantee return on your investment in your specified time.

At this stage of the work we have already implemented several major projects that make alternative energy has become more accessible for people in a few steps. We do not plan to stop there, using all opportunities to realize our goal.

What are you getting?

  1. Warranty return of your investment in the short term, because the profitability of our business reaches 200%!
  2. Prestige and recognition of people. More sponsors are investing in the development of alternative energy sources. Worldwide, see the future is for the energy of nature, not the fossil fuel. So why not join the trend of both you and become famous now, while it has not yet become mainstream?
  3. Independence. By investing in alternative energy, you not only become independent from centralized supply of electricity and gas, but also help others become volatile. Win this and our state, as will import less natural gas and coal – and this is the budget savings that will increase social standards.

Consultation and preliminary cost calculation

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