As a wind turbine with his hands

As a wind turbine with his hands

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Wind energy is completely clean, environmentally friendly, inexhaustible, and besides inexpensive. With it you can easily provide power own home, or even a small industrial facility, while not dependent on a centralized network. But many can not install the wind turbine in their area because of too high cost of construction. But even in this case there is a way! It is possible to construct a windmill by the hands of simple parts. This setup will cost much less and be able to operate fully and provide you with an alternative and inexpensive energy. Let’s try to figure out what you need to install a wind generator samodilnoho in their area and how it can mount their own hands.

вытер1Preparation for installation

First, you need to measure the wind in their area. If his speed constantly is rather low, the structure is not viable and can not operate normally. In the case when the winds are strong enough and stable you can proceed directly to the construction of the wind turbine.

Any wind turbine consists of several parts:

  • Electric generator;
  • Wind wheel with a number of blades;
  • The mast on which energy enters the inverter, where it is converted to direct current;
  • Reducer. We need to increase the frequency of rotation of the blades and improve the efficiency of the design. Set usually only large enough and powerful wind turbines. For simple homemade construction is needed.

Once we figured feasibility of installing wind turbine and learned of them major parts it is possible to proceed directly to the preparation of the necessary materials.

What components should buy for windmill collection at home: вввв

  • Generator;
  • Battery. It is best to choose a model for helium or acid basis;
  • Rotor;
  • The switch (ideal semitight button);
  • A barrel or a large metal bucket;
  • Lamp relay charge;
  • Special bolts for mounting structures;
  • Voltmeter;
  • Wires;
  • A special box in order to hide the external wiring;
  • Stainless steel wire;
  • Mast for mounting blades.

Once all the components necessary to be prepared to calculate the required number of blades. It is understood that the power of the assembly depends on the size of the rotating wheel and height of the mast. So you need to correct their balance. To do this, remember some simple rules:

  • The less number of blades, the greater must be their area to obtain sufficient power installation.
  • The more one blade area the higher the noise it will produce. If you are installing a windmill at his home it can become a serious problem.
  • Using several large blades in makeshift structures can be quite dangerous. With strong wind gusts they will give a very high load on the axle and generator mast and could not stand. So if you have decided to construct a wheel with three blades, take care of a solid foundation poles or model the blades of light material (eg wood).

The ideal option for the same small home windmill is a model with 5-6 blades are not large and powerful mast.

When all the preparatory steps are completed you can proceed directly to the construction of the windmill.

Stepping gathering wind turbine at home:вввв

  • Select the type of generator. The design can be vertical or horizontal type. First set your hands easier, because it requires no special settings balancing.
  • Then pick up the battery. It must be special for power plants and completely sealed.
  • Before installation design be sure to pour the foundation. This item can not save, because it will shape the stability of the whole structure. Also be sure to keep in mind when casting Base features local soil.
  • After complete curing of the foundation, set the mast. It should be high enough and does not wobble from side to side. If the mast is high enough sure to stretch that will record the entire structure.
  • The next step – collecting rotor and pulley attachment to it. The diameter of this element should depend on the wind speed is less than the larger the rotor.
  • Then enjoy a manufacturing blades. Forgive all cut them from the usual metal barrel or a large bucket. If the design is not very stable, it is better to make the blade from a tree (although it does take more time and effort).
  • To connect the generator aluminum wires.
  • Then fasten generator and blades to the mast, fix wires.
  • Connect the generator and battery in a single chain and using wires allow load.
  • Be sure to test before starting the turbine, if all goes well – the design is ready and you can connect to the electrical device.

Also you can create an additional transformer to the regulator, it will help increase power design.ччч

After assembling wind turbine is finished, you can get cheap and safe energy. But do not forget that the design will also require constant care. To wind turbine worked as long as do not forget to perform these simple rules.

  • Lubricate all moving parts lubricating oil;
  • Regularly monitor the integrity of all electronic communications.
  • Check the blades and bearings in construction;
  • Do not let the appearance of corrosion on metal parts;
  • Regularly check the secure bolt on extensions and mounts.

With proper care and competent installation average lifetime homemade wind turbine can be 10-15 years. This is more than enough to fully recapture the cost of spare parts and a lot of money on utilities.

Thus, the collection of wind turbine at home from scrap materials is a simple and cheap alternative to buying a machine. As you can see from the article is quite simple, but crucial process that will require you accurate calculations and the maximum concentration. But the result of upgrades to the line can recoup the invested effort. After such a wind turbine, you can not depend on the central power system and for many years to get cheap and clean energy.

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