What are the benefits and drawbacks of installing wind power?

What are the benefits and drawbacks of installing wind power?

Anyone who is planning to establish a system for the production of alternative energy in the home probably thought about issues of safety and comfort. Many people think that installing a wind generator, you can forget about the silence in the house, and after the installation of solar panels or collectors, the whole house will be filled with various appliances. And this without fear of strong winds that tear down her solar panels and windmills. In fact, all these fears were groundless, and now we understand why. Let’s look at each system of production of alternative energy shall see separately and they are completely safe and comfortable to use.

весTo begin with individual SES. Simplified version of solar power, used in the 1960s in the United States, for heating water. One of the most common problems that arise when installing solar panels, this is where they set it to be effective and did not change the overall appearance of the building or the adjacent area. To solve this problem you need to, first, determine how much you need to produce electricity will depend on which area will occupy solar photovoltaic modules. Then, choose where arrange solar panels on the roof or in the surrounding area. Then, during installation, do not forget about rational angle of solar panels to the sun, about the prospects of area which is located SES (ie landscaping of the territory) and the shadow of the surrounding objects such as trees and tall buildings. If the first two options can be solved independently, the third is not always up to you. Neighboring buildings or trees can cast a shadow on solar panels and if polycrystalline panels produce less electricity, monocrystalline panels reduce power to 90%, this should consider. After the installation of solar panels is to connect an additional equipment, but we’ll discuss later. If you are interested in editing personal SES is in “Easy installation SES” you can read more on this issue.

всеThe next item is the setting of personal WPP. The first wind turbines that use wind energy emerged in ancient Persia in Article 7. BC. e., became popular in Ukraine for the Kievan Rus. To install the wind turbine, first, you need to decide on the power plant. The more you need to produce electricity, the larger windmill you need. Remember that wind turbines capacity of more than 2 kW / h is not recommended to mount at home. The problem mikrovibratsiyah generating turbine wind turbine during its operation, it can lead to cracks in the walls or roof. After selecting a personal capacity wind farm, you need to properly position the installation, make sure that there are no obstacles that contribute to the formation of irregular wind flows (wood, butt, buildings). Do not forget about the noise and flashing windmill, the choice of the installation site must calculate the shadow of it, and learn from the passport of wind turbine noise pollution. It is also desirable to place a windmill at a distance of no more than 50 meters from batteries to minimize power losses. After proper installation, is connection of additional equipment. If you are interested in wind farm installation of personal information from the article “Easy installation of wind farms” will help you more familiar with all the intricacies of this case.

After installation work is carried out to connect additional equipment, such as inverters, batteries, charge controller, voltage regulator. It is mandatory components of your system, they should be in a dry, ventilated place with temperatures from +10 to +40 degrees Celsius and humidity less than 85%. It could be any room which meets the conditions listed. Installation of this equipment does not affect the living conditions in the house and does not require much space.

есввк Lastly, comfort and safety. Safety alternative energy for a long time can be considered a benchmark in the field of energy, energy is the greenest to date. A modern design mounts mast of wind turbines and solar panels are 100% guarantee safety of their use, even in extreme environmental conditions.

As for comfort living in a house with alternative energy production system, it is no different from living in identical house without this system. Modern technology has overcome most negative effects of SES and WPS, and if there is, then our experts will help you avoid them.

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